The Hawthorn Institute

Darcy Valentine | Sixteen | Gay (or up to rp’er) | Insomnia / Depression | Closed | FC: Pj Liguori

Before time:

Darcy Valentine had always been a dreamer. Whether he was fast asleep or wide awake, the wheels in his head never stopped turning. Stories he’d never write, people he wished he’d met, imaginary creatures, TV shows he’d watched, scenarios that would never happen between him and his crushes.. his imagination was limitless. The thoughts that constantly flooded his mind were always welcomed by Darcy and he made the majority of them useful by applying them to real life in any ways that he could. Art class was an easy A and his creative thought process allowed him to come up with tons of ways to solve whatever problems his school had to throw at him. Though his dreams seemed to be having a positive affect on his schoolwork at first, they began having a negative affect on Darcy in the long-run.

When his parents divorced and he came to the unsettling realization that he might be or is gay, reality became a scary place for Darcy. In attempt to ignore or “block out” the hamartias in his current life, Darcy used his dreams as a safe haven and became severely withdrawn from reality. Living became dreaming which used to be accompanied by sleeping, but has become living and therefore it was as if Darcy was constantly on “autopilot.” The fading line between Darcy’s own dreamland and actual dreamland (sleep) caused Darcy to not only become “spacey” during the day, but it also caused insomnia at night. Instead of sleeping, Darcy spent hours thinking and dreaming and imagining. Finally, the fact that no amount of dreaming could bring his parents back together occurred to him and left him feeling lost and depressed.  

It became obvious to both Darcy’s parents and his new therapist that he had become clinically depressed with what can and usually does accompany depression, insomnia. Due to the refusal by both parents to continue on with their marriage, they decided Hawthorn’s Institute was the best place to send their son to get him as far away from their divorce as possible.

Recent Facts:

✘ Being separated from the divorce has lessened Darcy’s depression, but he still struggles with falling and staying asleep.

✘ He has a notebook that he uses to “doodle” in and he carries it with him everywhere.

✘ He goes in and out of dreams and reality. It all depends on what mood he’s in. One minute he’s an exciting ball of creative energy and the next he’s quite “spacey.”

✘ Darcy has never been in a relationship with another guy and is slightly frightened by the idea. He does want a relationship though, he just needs help accepting himself.


Darcy has had no previous connections with any of the other patients at the center.

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